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Cereals polished sorghum gluten free

Cereals polished sorghum gluten free
  • Cereals polished sorghum gluten free
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Cereals polished sorghum gluten free

The basic properties of the product sorghum:

It does not contain gluten - an allergen for patients with celiac disease;

It has a high content of proteins and carbohydrates, respectively - high energy and nutritional value;

It contains an extremely large amount of antioxidants (12 times more than in blueberries)

rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, which are good for heart health, blood vessels and nervous system;

It has a significant content of most B vitamins that improve the functioning of the nervous system, brain function, stimulate the synthesis of hemoglobin, help to regulate blood sugar levels, a beneficial effect on the retina and is the prevention of age-related changes of eye;

is a source of folic acid, which protects against cancer of the colon and rectum, and breast cancer and is recommended to support the immune system, prevent anemia, the development of the circulatory and nervous systems, is especially useful for pregnant and lactating mothers;

the use of gluten-free products, such as sorghum, cereals and products of sorghum flour is especially useful for improving physical and mental health, it helps to improve concentration, gives a boost of energy and reduces fatigue.

Sorghum is a dietary foods and are recommended in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, mucous membranes, nervous disorders, elevated cholesterol levels, as well as diabetics, children, the elderly and all those who care about their health.

Nutritional (food) and the caloric value per 100 g of product:


100 g

Calories (energy value), 357.5 kcal

Proteins 9.2 g

Fat g 1.8

Carbohydrates 76.2

The natural content of vitamins and minerals:

Micro- and macroelement composition

100 g

Vitamin C, 0.5 mg%

Vitamin E (tocopherol) mg 0.8%

Vitamin B2 (riboflaviv), mg 0.12%

Vitamin PP (nicotinamide), 4.4 mg%

Phosphorus, mg 247.8%

Potassium, mg / kg 2367

Zinc, mg / kg 9.3

Iron, mg / kg 23.2

Magnesium, mg / kg 489.5

Calcium, mg / kg 223.0

Rozdrіb: cereal shlіfovana that batters Boroshnev rozfasovane at 0.5kg.

Wholesale: cereal shlіfovana that batters rozfasovana 25kg.
Mіnіmalna partіya od odnoї packaging.
The maximum partіya od 30ton to mіsyats.
Rows zberіgannya:
Krupa - 2roki
Flour - 1rіk
TU U 10.6-40031186-001: 2016:


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Food energy: 357,5 kcal / 100g
Information is up-to-date: 12.11.2018
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